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- Alpheia
- App Development
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- Duke Forms
- FBD Fountain




At Visual Immersion, we know how inaccessible industrial 3D printing can be – including long delivery times, support teams that don’t understand your needs and unaffordable pricing. We sign all confidentiality agreements including any non-disclosure agreements requested.

Unlike large scale centralized 3d print reprographic companies at Visual Immersion, we are a trusted member of your team.  We guarantee your creative concepts are kept confidential.  This is why you can leverage our experience, thus allowing us to prototyping your designs.

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Rob Meyers is the founding owner of Visual Immersion LLC, a multidisciplinary digital media company which specializes in experiential design.  Rob has a degree from the Unversity of Texas at Arlington and


The VI Media® team has extensive experience working within an “integrated” business structure and/or integrated project delivery (IPD) team. Our visualization experts create additional value by leveraging building information modeling (BIM) into enhanced project sales and/or marketing media. We create compelling visual communication solutions in the form of interactive media (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Web),  Animation, Illustrations and 3D printing.  Visual Immersion LLC was conceived with a singular desire to seamlessly integrate digital art and technology.  The goal remains the similar today…Visual Immersion’s, immersive brand experiences® support creative narratives and provide clarity in visually communicating your products, ideas and concepts.

Visual Immersion llc, is a certified (HMMB52858N0313) Minority Business Enterprise registered with the NCTRCA of North Central Texas.  Our clients include; Marketing Agencies, Real Estate professionals (owners, contractors & designers), Regional Boards & Municipalities, Universities, as well, Religious Institutions.


Visual Immersion did an amazing job on the Kimbell’s Animation...everybody who has seen the video is thrilled with the results. Thank you so much for giving this project your all.

Eric M. LeeDirector Kimbell Art Museum

Among the reasons our Capital Campaign was such a huge success in raising $130M was the creation of the Media Animation through Rob's prolific genius.

Deborah SweeneyConstruction Consultant, Anchorpointe

The app looks great and has been helpful as we look to sell naming rights and premium areas.

Mike SobbAssociate Director of Athletics/Resource Acquisition, Duke University

It’s different – it’s unique. … he’s laid a foundation now to be able to play with it … He’s taking new elements and trying to bring a fresh, interesting take – speaks volumes about why it’s really there.

Richard EllmanOwner, Oak Restaurant

Great and timely job.

Jason@Jason_Amlil3D Print Customer

The coolest thing in the place is the video of an oak tree, projected against the wall like a painting.

Teresa GubbinsSenior Editor, Ft.Worth Star Telegram

The projected picture of the Oak tree is so intriguing and exciting that you kind of stare at it and forget to order.

VIP OpenTable DinerDec.10,2012

The animations are amazing (we have shown these to several donors and they are blown away) and the video came out great with what you sent making that all possible.

Mike SobbAssociate Director of Athletics/Resource Acquisition, Duke University

This is perfect. It helped us visualize the exterior. Thanks!

Dan Zatto Project Coordinator, Mabry Custom Homes

I am very happy with the model that Visual Immersion printed for me.

Devin @devinjameslewis3D Print Customer

This is perfect. It helped us visualize the exterior. Thanks!

Mabry Custom HomesDan Zatto - Senior CAD Designer/Project Coordinator


Visual Immersion llc


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